HC Elite Cheer Overview

HC Elite Cheer wants to make sure they are not "just another tumbling gym." In their heart "every athlete and family that walks through our doors feels supported while being pushed to be their best."

HC Elite Cheer


HC Elite Cheer is an All-Star/Division 1 competitive cheer program in Dripping Springs, TX. Their aim is to offer a high-caliber cheer and tumbling gym with personalized training, all while maintaining traditional values, providing positive role models and cultivating a family atmosphere. Their gym is not just a place for cheer and tumbling; its a community that fosters personal growth, resilience, and lasting friendships. They are committed to providing a supportive environment where athletes can thrive not only in their athletic pursuits but also in character development.



HC Elite Cheer's long term goals are to become a staple in the local community that is known for producing well-rounded championship athletes. They want to create a gym that is focused on an athletes overall development and in doing so, creating champions on and off the cheer mat. The dream is for all athletes associated with HC Elite to be recognized by their work-ethic, grit and dedication to their goals, all while being the most encouraging and positive teammate in whatever setting they find themselves.


Managing expectations among athletes and parents is challenging but HC Elite found that the best and most effective solution is to communicate as much as they can and as often as they can. They strongly encourage their athletes to speak directly with their coaches about their goals and expectations and be willing to voice concerns if they feel those expectations aren't being met. Open communication and grace typically resolve most conflicts at the gym and increase customer satisfaction.

Keystone Bank was able to help HC Elite Cheer with an SBA loan to start their new training facility. With the facility up and running, they utilize the Treasury dashboard at Keystone Bank for payroll, vendor payables, and more.

Why Keystone Bank:

"We were told about Keystone Bank by another small business owner who did not hesitate to share their praises about the bank. Starting a small business is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming process; however, working with Keystone Bank made the funding and banking process very easy and seemless. Bharath Pinto and Jennifer Ivy took the time to visit with us and understand our business plan to ensure the relationship was a good fit for both the bank and our business. I'm very confident we've made the right choice in our banking needs and I'm very grateful for their attentiveness as we grow and expand the business."


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