Keystone Bank Wire & ACH Information 


Domestic Wire

FED Wire Funds to: 

Keystone Bank 
13715 E Ladera Blvd
Bee Cave, TX 78738 

Transit Routing Number (ABA):  111302600 


Keystone Account Name 

Beneficiary Account 

Keystone Account Number 

International Wire

Instructions for wiring funds to the U.S. in U.S. currency. Instruct the foreign banks’ U.S. Dollar Correspondent to send via: 

Beneficiary Bank: 

Keystone Bank 
13715 E Ladera Blvd 
Bee Cave, TX 78738 

Transit Routing Number (ABA):  111302600 

Intermediary / Correspondent Bank: 

The Independent Bankers Bank 
350 Phelps Drive 
Irving, TX 75038 

Further credit to: 

Customer’s Name  

Customer’s Keystone Bank Account Number 

Wire Cut-Off Times 

Domestic Wires: Monday – Friday, 4pm CST excluding bank holidays 

International Wires: Monday – Friday 2pm CST , excluding bank holidays

All wires received prior to the cutoff times listed above are processed the same day. NOTE: completed customer verification (call-back) is required and may delay processing times. 

Domestic wires typically reach their destination the same day they are sent. 

International wires typically reach their destination within 5-7business days.  

Incoming Wires 

Incoming wire transfers must be received by 4pm CST to be posted same day. Incoming wires received after the cut off time will be posted the following business day.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Instructions 

Receiving Depository Financial Institution Identification: 

Transit Routing Number (ABA):  111302600 

Depository Financial Institution Account Number: 

Keystone Bank Account Number 

Receiving Company Name: 

Keystone Bank Account Name 


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