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Founded in 2020 by Austin, TX resident Michael Krajicek, with the help of his big brother (and Kasasa fintech CEO) Gabriel, Atreyu is a performance footwear company that makes simple, functional, and intentionally designed running shoes for all athletes. Atreyu proudly offers a lineup of four essential running shoes. They are committed to developing products that “Honor simplicity.”

Atreyu enjoys contributing shoes to local organizations including, but not limited to, the Police Activities League (PAL), Born to Run (a youth training team under Austin’s running scene curator, Paul Carrozza), and the Austin Fire Department (Cadets training program). 

Atreyu Running


As a self-funded startup, Atreyu has faced the many challenges of growing a business from the ground up. The most difficult task is to manage a multi-month cash conversion cycle on pre-purchased inventory (produced in Asia) before the company can sell and ship the product to customers. Keystone Bank has been a crucial partner in their ability to help fund and scale inventory demand with a line of credit to bridge the gap during the manufacturing process. 



Atreyu is eager to earn a strong foothold in the running space and become synonymous with high performance, clean design, and their signature no nonsense approach to the running industry. Atreyu’s obsession is to create a brand and products that deliver “Everything you need, and nothing you don't.” Why? Because honoring simplicity and hard work is the key to success.


By offering a line of credit to bridge gaps during manufacturing, Keystone Bank has been an essential collaborator in funding and expanding inventory demand.


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